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Case: City of Oulu

Virtual TMC/TIC

Case: City of Tampere

Digitized Traffic Data

Case: Datex2 for global players


Case: City of Lahti

Mobility as a Service

Case: Telia

Connected Driving

Case: HERE / NordicWay Coop



About - Company

Infotripla Oy is a Finnish forerunner in new digital age transport system services. Our services and products are especially targeted to smart mobility and transport, with more than 10 years’ experience on new, emerging technologies and solutions driven by customer needs. The existing solutions and services are already proven by market - in both private and public sectors.

Focus in Digitized Transport Data

The digitalization is changing the way transport system works. Infotripla provides innovative solutions for traffic information management, analysis and data exchange to enable and provide better mobility services in smart cities and transport networks. Solutions for traffic information, data collection, services and concepts, business models and cooperation have made new cost-effective service model available to our customers - without large investments and in-house system management and development.


Infotripla has proven products for:

  • Smart Cities – City portals | Virtual City TIC/TMC | Urban open data | Social media delivery tools | Trip planners | Transport statistics | Traffic situation snapshot
  • Connected Driving - Digitized transport data | Standard interfaces | Analytics | Aggregation
  • Mobility as a Service Technologies - APIs | Routing | Digitized transport data | Service concepts
  • Data & Analytics Tools - Multisource data collecting | Merging & analysing | Data visualization | Reports

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